Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

We encourage the right way to work and behave in all our interactions, both internally and outside NDA.

NDA’s sole commitment is to make sure that good medicines reach patients without unnecessary delay.

This goal is accomplished by maintaining and growing an independent private organisation of professionals sharing the same commitment to excellence within the area of regulatory communication and compliance as well as to a common ethos. At the heart of this ethos lies the belief that our commitment to the objectivity of science, maintaining our integrity and conducting ourselves to the highest professional standards are all paramount to our continued success as a business and as a socially responsible organisation.

This commitment does not just warrant the high quality of the service, but is at the core of NDA’s business. Without it, credibility is lost together with the opportunity to really make a difference. The true value of NDA’s services lies in this unbiased objectivity and we expect from our clients that this is what they are seeking when they turn to us. We assist clients by aligning the development of good products to the requirements of regulators and payers, but also by helping companies terminate failing programs as early as possible, enabling research investments to be done where they will have the best effect.

Over the years NDA has been widely recognised and acknowledged for its integrity and scientific excellence by representatives from both the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies.

To ensure commitment to NDA’s ethos each member of staff is required to read and agree to a mutual Code of Ethics.

This Code is a non-comprehensive document outlining the most important professional considerations and commitments applying to anyone working with NDA, further explaining how the mission of NDA translates into day-to-day behaviour.