Our Mission

Our Mission

Let’s bring good medicines to the world and keep them there.

Medicines to patients
NDA’s sole commitment is to make sure that the best possible medicines reach patients without unnecessary delay. Our aim is to shorten the expensive and time-consuming process of getting effective and reliable medicines to the market and ensuring that they remain there for as long as they benefit the patients. We achieve this by providing our clients with an extensive portfolio of services that are optimised to meet the standards of regulatory authorities and reimbursement agencies.

Bridging the gap
We strive to bridge the communication gaps between the different stakeholders and departments within our clients, as well as between the regulated and the regulators for the ultimate benefit of patients.

Faster and safer
Our clients benefit from our comprehensive and qualified input into development plans and regulatory assistance throughout the life span of their products, thus ensuring rapid access to market and efficient maintenance during the entire product life cycle.

At NDA we consider our mission to be at the core of what we bring to our clients, but also of what we bring to society. To read more about what NDA is doing to improve the world, read about our Social responsibility. Our mission is also embedded in the way we conduct ourselves and our business. Communicating and explaining what our mission means to each and every one at NDA is critical to make sure it becomes more than just a couple of phrases. For that purpose we have established the NDA Code of Ethics.