Dr. Steffen Thirstrup attended a BDA workshop

Dr. Steffen Thirstrup (MD, PhD), Medical Advisor on NDA’s Regulatory Advisory Board, attended a BDA (Biotherapy Development Association) workshop on access to innovative oncology medicines in EU, on 16-17 January in Bonn, Germany. The aim of the workshop was to encourage ‘collaborative discussion between regulatory bodies, HTA organisations, healthcare providers, patients and industry on the key reasons for inequalities in access to oncology treatments within and between countries and possible ways to overcome these access disparities.’

Steffen contributed to a session on ‘Equal access – Differences and how to deal with it’ giving a presentation entitled: Regulatory & HTA: How can we define common grounds?

Steffen took part in the following panel-discussion focusing on how to build bridges between the regulatory requirement for approval of new oncology products and the subsequent request for data relevant for HTA-assessment.

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Dr Steffen Thirstrup






Dr. Steffen Thirstrup
Medical Advisor NDA Regulatory Advisory Board