Dr. Steffen Thirstrup spoke on Protein Therapeutics

Dr. Steffen Thirstrup (MD, PhD), Medical Advisor on NDA’s Regulatory Advisory Board, spoke on Protein Therapeutics at the Danish Society for Pharmacology Annual meeting. The meeting, held on 15th January at Syddansk Universitet, Odense in Denmark, was attended by a broad range of members of the Society, which is an umbrella organisation covering five different Danish academic societies within the areas of basic and clinical pharmacology, toxicology as well as pharmacy and medicinal chemistry.

The one-day meeting included a session on ‘protein therapeutics’ and their clinical pharmacology as well as a poster-session and free oral communications among the members. Furthermore, two workshops were part of the day – one on medication reviews and one on assessment on toxicological substances within the 3R perspective.

Dr. Thirstrup, who is a member of the society, was invited to give the introductory speech to the morning session on protein therapeutics with his background as a clinical pharmacologist and former member of CHMP.

Dr Steffen Thirstrup






Dr. Steffen Thirstrup
Medical Advisor NDA Regulatory Advisory Board