Free Webinar – Be Heard: The Patient Voice at FDA Advisory Committee Meetings

In recent years, the global trend in drug development has included more active and influential patient activity. Patient and caregiver voices have become a key part of the regulatory process, and FDA Advisory Committee Meetings are no exception. At the Open Public Hearing (OPH) part of these meetings, patients have an opportunity to educate the committee and the Agency, impact regulatory decision-making and even help guide the future of drug development. This is particularly important for rare disorders.

Join us on September 27th, 15:00 UK / 16:00 CEST / 10:00 EDT, for this engaging webinar where NDAs Lisa Peluso, Director of Coaching and Client Engagement, will cover:

• Quick guide to FDA Advisory Committees
• The Open Public Hearing and what it means
• Registering, Preparing, Delivering
• Tips on making sure your voice is heard

The webinar will be followed by a Q&A session for you to get direct feedback on key areas of uncertainty.

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Lisa Peluso is Director of Coaching and Client Engagement at PharmApprove/NDA, where she helps development teams, doctors, patients and advocates to create and deliver clear, consistent, and convincing messages to regulators in the US and Europe. Lisa has coached hundreds of individuals and provided presentation/Q&A training and workshops to teams in pharma and biotech, and has helped over 45 clinical development teams prepare to present at FDA Advisory Committee meetings and EMA Oral Explanations. Her experience and familiarity with high-stakes regulatory meetings allows her to get to the heart of the challenge, and she excels at giving presenters and responders clear and actionable feedback, to instill confidence and help them communicate with clarity and impact. Prior to joining PharmApprove, Lisa worked at Kyowa Pharmaceuticals, where she supported both commercial and clinical teams and served as the principal liaison between the Tokyo, UK and US offices. Lisa spent 12 years in Japan, where she worked in communications in the legal, financial and hospitality industries.