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A New Oncology Era

In this article written by Dr Terese Johansson, Regulatory Consultant, you can read about how recent developments in tumourigenesis genomics have paved the way for a molecular marker defining a disease that spans multiple histology-based tumours in a tissue-agnostic manner.

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Healthcare White Paper published

On Thursday 4th October, at the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine in London, the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors (CIEHF), launched their much-awaited White Paper setting out CIEHF's vision for the integration of Human Factors in Health & Social Care.

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How to commercialise ATMPs in the EU

This article, written by two of our experts, addresses recent findings from the EMA PRIME scheme and provides information about procedural updates and evolving guidance in the ATMP area.

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Regulatory authorities expand their contribution to successful drug development

NDAs Eva Lilienberg details the levels of support pharmaceutical companies can expect to receive from the authorities and how to best prepare for any agency interactions in the latest SwedenBio’s fact sheet.

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Regulatory strategies for value maximisation of early clinical stage assets

Prepare for partnering – Optimizing value in early development.

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Pdf - Seeking Parallel Consultation


Seeking Parallel Consultation

Learn about the rationales and results of engaging early with regulators and HTA bodies in this white paper written by NDAs Dr. Mira Pavlovic-Ganascia and Claes Buxfeldt.

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Europe vs USA: new drug product approvals in 2017

What are the key differences in new drug product approvals across the US and EU regions? Learn about the state of drug approvals in the world's two largest markets.

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Assessing the consequences of the EMA's relocation

The EMA is relocating to Amsterdam – but what are the consequences to the Agency’s priorities and to the industry?

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Revamping Regulations

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When the pressure is high Prepare to Win

US approvals plummeted from 45 (2015) to 19 — a drop of almost 60 percent. We have drilled down into all applications and spotted important trends that you can read about in this article were you also will find out how we can Prepare you to Win.

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Have you ever wondered why compliance with regulations is so difficult?

What do we mean when we say ‘safety is everybody’s responsibility’? To find out more read this article written by NDAs Dr. Brian Edwards.

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Communicating with Payers

In this article you will learn about why excellence in communications is critical when it’s time to defend the value and negotiate pricing. Prepare to win.

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Novel Drug Movers and Shakers 2013-2016

Small and medium sized companies and academia are important drivers of innovation in drug development. To investigate the profile of the organisations originating and developing novel drugs approved in the EU and US during 2013-2016 we have compiled all medicinal products containing novel substances.

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Maximising value in early development

In this article written by Niamh Kinsella and Josefin-Beate Holz you will learn how you can maximise the value of your product by having an early development strategy.

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