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Achieving safe and timely access to medicines

This commentary by NDA CEO Johan Strömquist is focusing on what Europe is doing – from a regulatory perspective – to promote access to new medicines and was published in the June issue of MedNous.

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Optimised drug-development: Integrating regulatory and HTA


Clinical Development of Gene Therapy


Pharmacovigilance for biologicals: the impact on global drug safety

NDA Group’s Dr Brian Edwards has written an article addressing the needs of a more flexible and adaptive approach for the concept of organised data collection.


Europe Vs USA: new drug product approvals in 2014

In recent weeks, we have gathered together the data made publicly available on the state of new drug product approvals in the EU and the US. This report is based on the approval status reported on the FDA and the EMA official websites on March 4th 2015.

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Drug Approvals Infographic EU vs USA 2014

Nearly 40% of new products approved from non top pharma in 2014. Findings of new Infographic highlights state of drug approvals in 2014: EU vs USA

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What are the benefits of a 'global' dossier?

Optimizing the use of the regulatory file: Is a ‘global’ dossier possible? Even though the CTD has been mandatory in the EU and Japan and has been strongly recommended in the US since the early 2000s, differences remain over content and format requirements. When compiling the first application file, many companies focus on one geographic area and re-write large parts of the documentation to encompass other country or regional requirements.


Making Progress with Biosimilars

NDA Group’s Dr Gopalan Narayanan has written an article addressing the market for biosimilars as a lower-cost alternative.

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Safety at the highest level

NDA's Dr. Edwards has written the article "Safety at the highest level" that was published in UMCs news bulletin Uppsala Reports vol 67 Oct 2014

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State of US and Europe new drug product approvals in 2013

Over the past couple of months we’ve researched data on the state of new drug product approvals in the EU and the US. Our findings were recently published in an Infographic.

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Drug Approvals Infographic

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Interchangeability. An insurmountable fifth hurdle?

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Making Progress with Biosimilars

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Multidisciplinary approach to evaluating immunogenicity of biosimilars: lessons learnt and open questions based on 10 years’ experience of the European Union regulatory pathway

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Adaptive licensing - How are regulators supporting innovation?

Commentary by NDA CEO Johan Strömquist on the development of expedited pathways and implications for the pharma industry.

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