Maximising value in early development

Capture1Selecting product candidates with the highest probability of success and applying rigorous risk-based management in development maximises the value of biopharmaceutical products and increases speed to the clinic and registration.

Due to the high costs for product development, few small and medium sized pharmaceutical companies will take their product to the market on their own. Therefore, the goal is often to develop the product to a stage where partnering becomes feasible. However, the aim should be to add as much value as possible to the product during early development, as this will maximize the likelihood of a successful deal with a corporate partner and provide alternative exit opportunities for the company.

Read the full article written by Niamh Kinsella, Principal Consultant, VP Early Stage Development, Paul Chamberlain Biopharmaceutical and Immunogenicity Expert and Josefin-Beate Holz, Clinical Strategy Expert, to learn how you can maximise the value of your product by having an early development strategy.






Niamh Kinsella
Josefin-Beate Holz
Josefin-Beate Holz
Paul Chamberlain