Payer Negotiation Preparation

Payer Negotiation Preparation

Payers and Health technology assessment bodies are demanding increasingly compelling evidence that a new therapy or device improves standard of care and public health. As a result, companies need to create — and persuasively deliver — a convincing value proposition.

Why choose us for this service?

Presenting your core value proposition to payers and HTAs is both challenging and stressful. But it’s the final, most vital step toward commercialisation.

PharmApprove possesses an unparalleled ability to fashion powerful arguments from complex data.

We’ll help you shape your outcomes evidence into a persuasive case for reimbursement, and then train your team to deliver that case with confidence.

We combine a deep understanding of local market realities, payer archetypes and expectations with a mastery of sophisticated communications techniques. We build the capabilities of your teams on the ground, ensuring value story consistency and training your Market Access teams to deliver impactfully, engage persuasively and negotiate skillfully.

How can we support you?

PharmApprove employs a two-staged approach:

First, we evaluate key materials such as labeling, clinical and health economic data, and risk management plans.

We then discuss our findings with you, plot an argument strategy, and compose a project plan. We may also facilitate an objective, multidisciplinary expert panel review to test your argument.

NDA Group’s Advisory Board, composed of former payers and members of HTA, can give your team the extraordinary opportunity to pressure test your case in interactive mock sessions.

In these realistic, live-fire sessions, your team not only gets crucial practice in engaging with agility and delivering a structured narrative, but it also receives candid and invaluable “real-time” feedback.

Critically, our Senior Communications Coaches will help each member of your team deliver your case and handle objections with confidence and flexibility.

Our services include:

  • Interactive Workshops and Negotiations “Toolkit”
  • Team Alignment and coaching
  • Q&A Preparation and Rehearsals
  • Mock Meetings and Debrief
  • Project Management