Health Technology Assessment

HTA and Payer / Market access support

Reimbursement is the fourth hurdle of pharmaceutical development. Payers and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) bodies demand compelling evidence of how new interventions improve the standard of care and public health. Companies need to create — and persuasively deliver — a convincing value proposition in an increasingly challenging and budget restricted environment.

NDA support companies from the earliest pre-clinical phase up until launch of the product. We help you develop as well review your development strategies and plans for your molecule/brand to ensure they meet the requirements of regulators and payers alike. We have helped clients achieve their objectives, including patient access and successful reimbursement, for over 20 years. Our unmatched experts give your product the very best chances to reach your patients in optimal time.

Services and solutions

  1. HTA Scientific advice, with or without regulatory input, de-risking development programs for price and reimbursement
    • Preparation and management of the formal Parallel Consultation process – when connecting with the agencies is the best option
    • High-speed, flexible Joint Advice from our expert Advisory Board – when time is of the essence
  2. Payer market research
    • De-risking development programs
    • Testing TPPs and value claims/messages
    • Market access landscaping / HTA review of payer decisions
  3. Payer strategy development – supporting pricing and reimbursement
    • Plans for development and evidence generation
    • Plans for pricing and market access
  4. Value communication / payer negotiation
    • Helping clients prepare and align communication of value
    • Helping clients prepare for launch and improve negotiations skills with payers

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