The JP Morgan week – Community!

Next in our short series leading up to the JPM event, we hear Johan Strömquist talk about his favourite aspects of the week and the reasons that keep him coming back for more!

Reason 2 – Community

A relative new comer to the Biotech Showcase, NDA Group CEO Johan Strömquist attended his first “Circus” in 2018. A keen eye for the highly relevant, coupled with quick feet, allowed him to meet with more than a hundred companies over this intense week and he’s coming back for more.

Says Johan: “This is the best show, not just in town, but in our business, for making new connections. What I find to be notable with the JPM week is the great sense of community that is felt among the attendees. As I’ve walked around and talked to people from all over the world, there is such a great sense of pride and community expressed in conversations at the event. We’re all committed to developing great products and for many of us, the JPM week makes this a reality.”

The JPM week gathers many thousands of people from an impressive number of companies from all over the world. Regardless of origin, the passion for drug development and the opportunity to make these dreams come true for organizations and patients alike propels the week.

“Being from Sweden, it’s remarkable how many peers from my home country and from other Nordic countries I meet at this event. It’s amazing when you think about it – traveling halfway across the world and then meeting people that live and work half an hour down the road from your office. That’s part of the charm with this week – it truly reflects the global nature of drug development.”

If you are attending the JPM week please share with us your reasons for attending!