The JP Morgan week – Serendipity!

Our third reason in our series leading up to the JPM event is brought to us by Thomas Lönngren and talks about being in the right place at the right time!

Reason 3 – Serendipity

Thomas Lönngren, former Chief Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency and NDA Group’s Strategic Advisors, has pushed the frontiers of drug development and regulatory science for years. Attending the Biotech Showcase for him is equal parts learning the latest trends and meeting new and existing contacts. Building long lasting relationships is Thomas’s favorite part of JPM.

Says Thomas: “The JPM week is extraordinary in that virtually anyone that you’d like to meet in biotech and life science is gathered, for a short period of time, in a relatively small space. The kind of meetings you can have at a traffic light or over a beer at a reception is really quite unusual. You turn a corner and bump into Michael Dolsten [President, R&D, Pfizer] or you sit down at dinner opposite one of the key investors from Goldman Sachs.”

If you’re at the right place at the right time, you can make some pretty exciting connections.

“It is really the only place in the world where you have the chance to meet so many different people across the spectrum of drug development. It is really exciting and adds to my curiosity as I plan for the week. What will happen this year and who will I have the great fortune to meet?”

If you are attending the JPM week please share with us your reasons for attending!