The JP Morgan week – The patients we serve!

In our fourth and last post leading up to the JP Morgan week all three of our NDA attendees share the most important reason that keeps them attending.

Reason 4 – The patients we serve

Catching trends, engaging with the biotech community and bumping into friends and strangers alike are not the only reasons for attending the Biotech Showcase. All three NDA colleagues agree that one reason stands above all the others – understanding the impact the week has on patients all over the world.

Says Johan Strömquist, CEO NDA Group: “With such a strong focus on investments and deal making, it is easy to forget about the ultimate goal – serving the patients and improving health for people around the globe. If this isn’t always obvious during the week, it becomes so as the dust settles and new and preexisting endeavors continue their journey into the hands of physicians and patients, fueled by the investments made during this intense week and the discussions that follow it.”

Says Thomas Lönngren, Strategic Advisor NDA Group and former Chief Executive at the EMA: “The JP Morgan week is a celebration to scientific advancement and one way to put focus on important treatments and future opportunities to improve patient health. We need these meeting places to accelerate development of medicines – their impact is tangible.”

Says Barbara Clendenen, Director of BD US NDA Group: “Understanding the trends is also a way of looking into the crystal ball of global health. We’re steadily raising the bar on science and you can see the impact it has all around the world. The JP Morgan week is all about making the right investment decisions, but not just to achieve a meaningful financial return, but to progress the development of patient health. That, I think, is the most important aspect of the week.”

Are you attending the JPM week? Share your reasons for attending or why not reach out to Barbara, Thomas or Johan during the meeting to discuss how NDA can support you and your company.

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco next week!

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