What do we need to know before the next influenza pandemic?

Dr Pieter Neels

NDAs Advisory Board member and vaccines expert Pieter Neels together with a group of scientific and public health experts and key stakeholders convened for the 2nd International Alliance of Biological Science (IABS) to review the status of the current knowledge regarding the relationship between narcolepsy and the administration of the adjuvanted pandemic influenza vaccines, with the goal of being prepared for the next influenza pandemic.

The result of the discussions have been documented in the report: Meeting report narcolepsy and pandemic influenza vaccination: What we know and what we need to know before the next pandemic?

The highlights from the report include:

  • The association between the reported influenza vaccine and narcolepsy has been consistent in the countries in which it has been studied.
  • There are no clear associations observed between development of narcolepsy and the other pandemic adjuvanted vaccines.
  • The public health response during a pandemic is critical.
  • International collaboration and the capacity for data sharing should exist before the next pandemic.
  • Research on narcolepsy therapy should be supported and clinicians skilled in management should be available.

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